Ethical & Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her and Him

Shop Green this Christmas with this Simple Cork Accessories Gift Guide!

The concept of ethical shopping is driving a significant amount of modern purchasing power. More people than ever are specifically choosing plastic-free gifts and other presents that positively impact the world. Whether you want to be a part of this movement or you’re intentionally looking to make the most eco-friendly choices to suit your eco-friendly loved ones, ethical shopping is an important part of the holiday season.

The problem is, it can be hard finding reasonably priced ethical gifts, especially around the holiday rush time. Luckily, we here at the Cork Company are looking to offer you eco-friendly products that suit him, her, and everyone in between. This Christmas, envision some of these presents under the tree:

For Her

Simplicity and elegance are the keywords that typically come up around gifts for women. Here are five environmentally friendly gifts can bring ethical shopping and functionality (with a bit of flare) into one.

Mini Cork Crossbody Phone Bag

cork phone bags

Going-out essentials don’t need to require a huge purse. A phone bag may be the best way for your partner to keep the important things without a bulky object to lug around. Available in green, orange, red, black, navy blue, turquoise, or natural cork, this phone bag is the perfect way to travel light, no matter where you’re going.

Cork Hobo Bag

natural cork hobo bag

This classic vegan leather hobo bag is unique and stylish, with a magnetic fastener and an internal zipper pocket. It’s the exact type of bag you would see someone take on the red carpet, and the sustainability adds even more appeal. Get the bag in blue or grey or keep it natural to show off cork purses with the best of them.

Cork Coin Pouch With Drawstring

mint green cork coin pouch

Coin pouches are the perfect place to keep small valuables, whether you’re carrying headphones, jewellery, coins, or even dice. These small cork bags are available in colours to suit every style: grey, red, pink, mint-green, silver, natural cork with green details, or natural and white-tinted cork with copper details.

2 in 1 Cork Backpack

2 in 1 Cork Backpack brown

The ability to transition a backpack into a bag and vice versa is a big part of women’s fashion. With this product, you can pack plenty of style into a single design, closing the zipper of the straps to transition your backpack into a shoulder bag. These cork backpacks are available in natural, blue, and brown, all neutral colours that can pair with a variety of outfits.

2 in 1 Cork Clutch Crossbody Bag

A combination clutch/crossbody bag is one of the ultimate options in elegant feminine styles, and this cork option makes it eco-friendly as well. The strap is easy to remove, turning your hip crossbody bag into a sleek clutch at any time. Match your cork handbags with every outfit by choosing from orange, green, brown, black, red, pink or natural cork colours.

For Him

Men love simplicity in their products, although they’re also usually looking for a slightly more masculine bent to their style. Here are a few ethical Christmas gifts to consider for men this year.

Bifold Cork Wallet

If your man is looking for a wallet replacement, you can’t go wrong with this eco-friendly choice. These wallets will easily replace your old one, and you’ll be happy to look at it every day. Cork wallets are a great choice for men, and with the natural, blue, or brown-tinted cork options available, you’ll be able to make sure he has one that fits his unique style.

Slim Cork Card Holder Wallet

What if you want your wallet to be super-minimalist instead? In this case, the slim wallet will be one of the most unique gifts you can give. It’s compact, lightweight, and features four card slots with a middle compartment. Available in black and natural, grey and natural, brown and red, green and brown, and pink and natural colour schemes, this allows any cork lover to travel light.

Cork Crossbody Bag

Cork Crossbody Bag for men

Cork crossbody bags can be great unique gifts for men as well as women. This particular bag has a slightly more masculine style, with a cork shoulder pad that makes it comfortable to wear all day. The style is available in green and brown, brown, and natural cork, all muted tones that will give him a stylish bag that doesn’t draw too much attention.

Large Cork Backpack

Sustainable gifts in the UK don’t have to be small and subtle. This large cork backpack is big enough to carry most laptops, and it includes a variety of pockets, so that you can carry just about anything with you. The backpack is available in black or green and brown, both styles that will last you for years with just about any outfit.

2 in 1 Reversible Cork Belt

2 in 1 Reversible Cork Belt

The right belt can completely change your look, bringing together every element of your style. Men are always hunting for the perfect belt, and cork belts have exactly the right touch of stylish elegance to do that for you. You can find this belt in either brown and blue or black and natural, available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Stylish and unique gifts that don't cost the earth

Ethical, eco-friendly products are a key component of many people’s gift-giving choices every season. If you’re looking for an ethical product that still stands out in the arena of style, you can’t go wrong with one of these products. There are designs available for both men and women that will impress anyone who receives them.

It can also be important to many people to shop locally. If you’re in the UK and you’re trying to find an ethical shop in the UK, consider The Cork Company. Not only are these products gorgeous and handcrafted by experts, but they’re also eco-friendly, a combination of factors that makes them irresistible as a gift. This Christmas, try out The Cork Company to find a truly top-tier offering.


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